March 13, 2021

5 Best Mobile Apps Android Free Download

Mobile applications have changed over the years with new software’s that has comes into existence.  So, smartphones will allow us to many basic things using the applications that come with it. Also, nowadays mobile apps don’t cost us a single penny while downloading from the store.  There are applications for everything and many of them are completely free which means that we are few downloads away from supercharging your smartphone at no cost.  We can hunt for quality which can be our favourites in the search list for mobile apps android free download

5 Best Mobile Apps Android Free Download

Adobe Scan

MI ART] Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner with OCR and PDF Creator - App - Mi  Community - Xiaomi

Nowadays everyone needs a scanner every now and then, however they are very few people who own one this kind of apps these days. With the help of Adobe Scan app, you don’t need to add more hardware for the tech setup. We can scan important documents with your phone and turn them into PDFs that can be sent anywhere. Also, this application will allow us to enhance images to our liking and comes with OCR capabilities.


Slack Review | PCMag

This is a team chat service that allows members to communicate with one another. This app offers a free service to an infinite number of customers, which can be extremely beneficial to any company of any scale. Moderators have the ability to create several platforms for various subjects. The service allows users to upload files in almost any format, making it simple to share files with other employees.



This application is used for maintaining the security of our online accounts. Always use Authy to set up a two-factor authentication for every service we use. Authy can be used with Facebook, Amazon, Gmail and also many more.


Startup profile: Citymapper - TechRound

Well, in case if we want something that can replace Google Maps or Apple Maps for getting around the city then Citymapper can be used for this purpose. So, Citymapper will combine all the possible methods of transporation to find us the fastest route to our destinations. Also, Citymapper will connects with the local bike and car shares for bike availability and the get best pickup locations.  Citymapper can be used as the mobile apps android free download for better ways for travelling.

Google Photos

How does Google Photos work?: Google's photo storage app explained

Google Photos is a photo gallery app which goes above and beyond our phone’s built-in gallery app. We can enjoy free unlimited cloud storage, powerful built-in editing features and searchable auto tagging.  So, this application makes it easy to share photos with others and offers shared libraries to keep our friends and families connected.

Most of the mentioned applications are available in the Google play store that provides for mobile apps android free download. Hope that we have covered all the topics in our article about best free android apps. Thanks for reading!